Understanding Safety / SMS Basic

Safety Promotion

In order to achieve a working SMS and the correct safety culture we need more than just having the tools and procedures in place. It is vital to train the people using the system – that is EVERYONE – and to communicate the culture and the lessons learnt. Safety promotion is the backbone of a mature SMS as it sets the tone for the organisation into building a robust culture. We therefore prefer to divide the promotional activities into training and into communication. What is a really important idea to understand, is that safety promotion should not be limited internally into the organisation, but should also extend externally to third-parties like suppliers, clients etc. The success of the SMS requires a such a deep involvement that it cannot be achieved solely by maintaining strict adherence to procedures and regulations. Without explain the concept, educating people and sharing information about it with all the involved parties, SMS is doomed to become another bureaucratic hassle in the company structure. The processes established can e both internal and external. It is essential to create an open environment of knowledge sharing and learning. The success could be summarised into 4 steps: Communicate, Work together, Educate, Evaluate.