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Change Impact Analysis

Change Impact Analysis is a Root Cause Analysis (RCA) technique, to identify potential consequences of a change (change management process). Through it, we can estimate the modification needs and evaluate risks associated in terms of effects of resources, effort and schedule – productivity.

There three types of CIA, Trace, Dependency and Experiential.

The trace analysis links testing and captures relationships between requirements, specifications and design elements. It will determine the scope of changes.

The dependency analysis determines the consequences of changes by linking parts, variables, logic, modules etc
Experiential analysis, determine the change impact using expert design knowledge.

• Simple and easy to gasp
• Can be combined with other techniques
• Results are already translated into action recommendations
• Identification of obscure causes

• Requires basis for comparison
• It is resources intensive (high requirements)
• Applicable only on single deviation
• Only direct cause for deviations
• Results not conclusive, require testing

Basis for comparison can be created by setting and defining the required un-deviated (ideal) performance. This can be achieved either through past experiences, through regulatory standards, through comparison with other system or by describing the ideal system. Then we need to specify the deviation limits and boundaries. Finally we compare the ideal with the deviated one and create the RCA.

The proposal for a change analysis must be structured as below:

  1. Title definition
  2. Summary or requirements
  3. Analysis and explanations
  4. Justifications and reasoning
  5. Cost information
  6. Analysis on results