03 Mar 2020 11:40


The air is grasped by this little tiny reckless voice matching the heat outside. It was a strong, ferocious, and stunning environment coming out of this. It has been two unforgettable months for me. Believe me, time does not mean anything for experiences, for learning. What did I learn this time? Level of matureness fits perfectly for hard work environments. I have to start over and over again. Strategies fail and I reset again, but anytime I make a suggestion for improvement, this boss halts everything, does not make any decision at all and keeps me saying: It would be pretty good, but I think I have an issue to point out! And the decision he makes is otherwise. I mean 180 degrees when he says: No problem I will think about it!

As a defense to this kind of replies, I daydream to my Quality Management System Course I delivered last week. I remembered I told my students: We are not isolated. One thing we do here affects other people in our company. That’s process-focused approach for an organization! And my students understood this. We developed some case studies. We worked together really fine. Replies were right and on time in class. Everyone was working and learning. It was really awesome to me. A safety inspector from CAA was even in my class and she told me: You are just doing fine here. Good teamwork! These words are like an obsession to me: Work and Climate. At home, at the office and in class. We cover the law of effect, for example, when I teach the Instructional Techniques Course. What’s this principle of learning about? According to the blog “Shiftelearning”, it means learning is strengthened when associated with a pleasant or satisfying feeling. Learning is weakened when associated with an unpleasant feeling, becoming less likely for learning to occur again in the future. Learners will try to avoid it. Learning occurs when it results in satisfaction and the learner derives pleasure out of it.

These statements above fit exactly for human performance to me, including my quality of work at the office, which coincides with AviationHunt opinion: “Working environment play vital role to accomplish any task. So it is necessary to make your workplace better. Your small contribution like motivation, appreciation, encouragement and respect to co-workers may give better results. That will be always benefits for you, your co-workers and also your company.”

I think I have a commitment for aviation and safety after my old man. So, I think I must struggle and prevail before this experience covered by:

·                Personal decisions made against organization benefits;

·                Promising things and making decisions otherwise;

·                Making life easier just for one group in the organization;

·                Prioritizing just on results; and

·                Leading briefings for threatening people in a “mild” way.

What was the end of the statements above? No layoffs required. People just quit. I think these were good tips for tearing the climate down. I recall the Law of Intensity for this: The more excitement your learning course creates, the more likely it will be remembered.

Leaders must be good active listeners and make a balance between their wills’ and the organization’s. If this is still hard for you, I must regret telling you, more resources are required for you to become a leader. If you are a leader, you will develop other leaders, creating good working environments, with followers unable to avoid your experiences, with followers able to emulate your organizational behavior for good, forever.