20 Feb 2020 12:26


Airlines, airports, MROs and other air operators are still struggling with safety and quality information management. As the digital evolution is in it's full throttle mode in our industry, it's time to digitalize SMS and QMS systems.

Our company is named "Inxelo Technologies Ltd." and we specialize in software solutions in aviation industry. One of our main product is "ICARUS" - digital database and software for SMS development and implementation in your airline, airport, MRO or even flight school. How it works? Well, simply ICARUS is built in a flexible way to be able to adapt to air operator's requirements such as risk management procedures, auditing processes, promotion etc. 

Since it's based on the latest technologies, why not use it's flexibility to create an individual approach to our customers. The software contains the digital database for all data that airlines or other operators require to monitor their data and follow trends from their data in regards to safety and quality. ICARUS is crafted by following the latest compliance trends so it satisfies mandatory requirements from EASA, FAA and others.

In our approach with airlines, airports and other air operators, it is important to identify the issues the company is facing when it comes to SMS and QMS systems. This can be easily done with the gap analysis where the problems can easily be detected. Once the air operator is aware of the issues, it can start addressing it accordingly. The software "ICARUS" becomes a main tool in their effort to close the gaps and to set up a functional SMS and QMS systems. Of course, having digitalized systems can get you a lot of bonus points in the eyes of the regulator, but do not forget that SMS and QMS are like an organism - it needs to be taken care, fed with data and monitored for any unfavorable trends. We help our operators with the introduction of web and mobile apps. Using mobile apps especially, the air operator can collect data instantly and promote safety within its employees in the real time. By using the advantages of modern technology, air operators can start closing the gaps in safety and quality in an efficient and economic way.

More about ICARUS you can find on our page:

Icarus mobile apps help air operators to collect the data and feed its SMS systems