27 Jan 2019 13:57

AUTHOR Nekt_Karan

Dear colleagues and friends,

I would like to invite any aviation organisation to participate in our surveys regarding the application of new safety metrics. In the frame of our research project Aviation Safety Metrics and with the support of more than 40 partners from the industry, authorities and academia, we have developed three novel and practical safety metrics, that were tested by 18 aviation companies in 2018. This provided the companies and us a lot of valuable information. To make the metrics even stronger and to support more organisations in their safety management activities, we will run the surveys for the application of the metrics again from March to May 2019, with a possible extension if needed.

If you are interested, I can forward to you two short presentations for the AVAC-SMS metric (Self-Assessment of Safety Management Systems) and the AVAC-SCP metric (Self-assessment of Safety Culture Prerequisites), and a document describing the third metric that regards the Effectiveness of Risk Controls. The documents will give you basic background information about the metrics and the results from the surveys in 2018. If you need more detailed information, please visit our project website (  or inform me accordingly.

You can join this endeavour by applying any of the metrics above by engaging a representative sample of managers and employees of your organisation. If you prefer, I can send you a document including basic information about the project and the mutual benefits to be achieved. The research team will be available online and over the phone to answer any questions related to the application of the metrics.

I look forward to receiving your responses by the end of February 2019 about the intention of your organisations to host the surveys. My colleagues and I would be glad to talk with you over the phone or Skype to clarify any topics, discuss the design and preparation of the surveys and tailor them to the size, complexity and the needs of the organisation.

On behalf of the research team and the Aviation Academy,

Kind regards,


Dr Nektarios Karanikas

MSc, PMP, CEng, MRAeS, MIET, GradIOSH, Lt. Col. HAF Res.

Associate Professor of Safety and Human Factors


Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences

Hogeschool van Amsterdam


Aviation Academy

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Postbus 1025 / 1000 BA Amsterdam


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