09 Jul 2019 01:20


IFATCA will be publishing several short articles on our website in the coming days. The articles will be asking important questions about the current status of Just Culture triggered by the conviction of an Air Traffic Controller in Switzerland. It is the purpose to trigger thoughts and ideas f...
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08 Jul 2019 11:05

AUTHOR HarisLy12

 In 2003, the perfectly named James Reason (with his co-author Alan Hobbs) published a 12 factor error management system called the “12 Principles of Error Management”. By isolating and examining these sources of error and what to do about them, Reason reasoned that fatal an...
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20 Jun 2019 07:13


    The world of cabin crew or flight attendant is a fascinating one, with many benefits and a clear level of fan. But one will soon realise that it is not only about traveling and benefits. It is one very demanding job, not so much on the job description and tasks at han...
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27 May 2019 13:25


In the aviation industry, complacency kills. Accidents are so rare that most people in the aviation industry will never see a serious one in their careers. Aviation is so safe because of a culture of accountability and honesty. When problems appear, they are pointed out and the person who po...
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11 May 2019 11:23

AUTHOR HarisLy12

In any organization, any transitions and changes are met with resistance and difficulties. When changing the culture, with beliefs and values that are deep-rooted in individual workers and in the organization as a while, transitioning to a new culture is always even more difficult. These bar...
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10 Mar 2019 08:50

AUTHOR Aviation Safety

It is not a big secret among the pilot community that the current FTL is a scheme which does not cover all the scenarios, does take into account the kind of operations, does not consider the social part of life and many other disadvantages. A recent study by EASA came to confirm that the effectivene...
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27 Jan 2019 13:57

AUTHOR Nekt_Karan

Dear colleagues and friends,I would like to invite any aviation organisation to participate in our surveys regarding the application of new safety metrics. In the frame of our research project “Aviation Safety Metrics” and with the support of more than 40 partners from the industry, auth...
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12 Dec 2018 20:31


Research on shift work and work psychology showed, that fatigue is not only a an acute threat to pilot performance and aviation safety. Fatigue can also impair mental and physical health in the medium and long term. We know very little, why and how that happens with airline pilots, which...
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09 Dec 2018 13:25


Practical analysis of the causal factors influencing resistance to speak up may lead to understanding and implementation of techniques that can reduce the frequency of events that occur. Complicated procedures with uncertainties and ambiguities during time critical operating environments are som...
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29 Nov 2018 03:00

AUTHOR Dr_Crystal

Five aviation service providers participated in a study aiming to identify factors that impact the implementation of a safety management system and the safety performance of the organization. Safety managers were interviewed and their comments analyzed using grounded theory approach. Hinde...
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