08 Apr 2020 11:23


Aviation industry is facing its gravest crisis in the history and many airlines weren't prepared for such an event as COVID-19 pandemic. Who would have thought it would shatter our world in less than a month? In response to this unprecedented event, our team worked from home on the new feature inside our SMS and QMS software.

Today, we are glad to announce our new, specialized, module inside ICARUS safety management system software. The module is created as a control center for COVID-19 pandemic for our customers, air operators. We identified with our customers several areas that emerged from this pandemic which we have concluded are important in such events. Due to the fact that this pandemic event has characteristics similar to emergency response plan, we based our development on the already established policies from ERP that airlines, airports and other air operators have in place. 

Airlines are among one of the hardest hit companies in aviation industry and in order to come forward to support them, our team has developed a specialized module for COVID-19 crisis.

The main features of this specialized module that will assist our customers are:

  • Keeping track of all events in regards to SARS-Cov-2 inside the company
  • Communication feature to all employees with one place for all information how to combat COVID-19 in the company
  • World Health Organization latest info in regards to COVID-19
  • Surveys to keep track of company’s employees health during self-isolation
  • COVID-19 Risk analysis
  • Statistics COVID-19

We continue to closely monitor and assess the evolving situation around COVID-19 and would like to invite anyone who can contribute in tackling COVID-19 to come up with such ideas where we can leverage technology.

Stay home. Stay safe.