08 Oct 2018 09:07

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Welcome to the blog section of Aviation Safety Platform

This section is open for everyone.

Everybody is invited to express their thoughts or provide extra knowledge. You can write about any subject or issue as long as it is related to Safety.

We don't like unnecessary rules. As such each person is free to use their own writing style. You can be serious or you can joke around. We don't ask for citing and references, but we would be more than happy if you want to include them for extra reading. 

Articles do not have to be academic style and there is no limit to the extent.

  • The title should be limited to 10 words
  • Word limit: minimum 400 words and maximum 2000 words 
  • Use bulletpoints and numbers to break down lists 
  • Use paragraphs (4-5 sentence max ) and try to keep sentences short
  • Feel free to use pictures, diagrams or drawings
  • Style the text freely (but do not use fonts smaller than 11)
  • Use of external hyperlinks is limited to paying customers
  • Remember to share your article on social platforms
  • Subject ideas: how to info, share expertise, share experiences, spread gossip, promote a company/ product/ service
  • We welcome academic coursework or abstracts and articles posted in other publications (as long as there is no copyright infringement)

Happy writing, happy reading!

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