Welcome to Aviation Safety Platform.

In our short career, having met a plethora of pilots, cabin crew, engineers and other ground staff, we have come to realise that even in big companies where the safe, just and no-blame culture is promoted, employees are still in fear of the Safety Department and the management. Safety reports are only a hassle and voluntary reports are what gets you in trouble. If nothing was seen, or nothing was recorded then we don't report it. These and many other similar mentalities are only a few of the many negatives we have heard.

It is obvious that the very basic and limited training in SMS we receive once a year, by people who themselves sometimes do not believe in the safety system, will not change this mentality.

We want to:

  • Create safety awareness for everyone
  • Make safety content easily accessible, collectively and integrated
  • Create a platform for sharing and exchanging ideas, experiences, thoughts
  • Establish a stronger safety culture in the industry

This platform is aimed at both the front-line employees, for better safety understanding and education, but also to the middle and senior management to help them set the priorities and the culture.

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